Transform Blocks and Limitations Into Awakening



Over the millennia mankind has been transforming to a higher consciousness, a little at a time.  Pain, suffering and fears of moving forward have been moving people in and out of great abundance, joy and perfect health.

Through these offerings of Life Rejuvenation™ Energy Transmissions and the other Sacred Healing offerings provided on these pages, Carrie Bodane has a mission to assist you with removing blocks to moving forward and to living from the fullest heart-felt presence of your Higher Presence.

If your goal is physical assistance, please read on because physical imbalances have a relationship with moving forward and attaining Oneness and your destiny-- to be living from your Higher Presence as a divine being of pure love and wisdom.


Sacred Healing Services

Life Rejuvenation™ Energy Transmissions  

Transforms blocks to healing and removes limitations to having better relationships to all of life through the divine power brought to you through Life Rejuvenation™ Energy Transmissions sessions.
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Cellular Rejuvenation™ Energy Transmissions

With this Frequency, a special focus is brought into Life Rejuvenation™ to promote natural healing within the cellular matrix.
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Karma Clearing Services
Karma is a spiritual principle of the law of cause and effect.  Our actions have an affect on our future experiences and life lessons in this current lifetime and future lifetimes.

Karma Clearing For Individuals
Karma clearing sessions greatly assists with moving forward and changing a situation or a pattern that is limiting success, health, healthy relationships within our lives and more.

Karma Clearing for Families
Karma Clearing is provided to family members who are facing any challenge, for example, health challenges of a loved one, tragedy, moving beyond death of a loved one.  Relationship challenges between one or more family members can also be addressed.  Our dear pets are included.


Your Transformation Awaits...